FD&C Blue 1

FD&C Blue 1

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This FD&C Blue 1 is a water soluble dye that will turn the water a gorgeous shade of blue if enough is used. This dye can be used to colour bath bombs, bubble bars, and bath salts.


*Always wear gloves when handling dye even in package.

*Photo is of colourant in bath salts.

* Always test your product before you sell.


  • Usage rate: 0.1 - 3% - most often 1/8 tsp is enough. We use 1/8 tsp in 1 kg of baking soda.
  • This colourant can be added directly into dry ingredients but this dye works best and is most vibrant when it is mixed with a small amount of water/witch hazel/rubbing alcohol/glycerin/wet ingredients prior to adding to dry ingredients. Mix well to avoid streaks. We like to spray the dye with with 5 sprays of 50% rubbing alcohol in a plastic cup and stir well to dissolve the dye fully before adding to my mix. 
  • ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES when handling as it is a dye and will stain your skin and other objects when not diluted.
  • This dye when used diluted in water, in a bathtub, will not stain the bathtub or the bather's skin. If your bathtub is lacking enamel or is porous, use with caution.  
  • This dye is very concentrated so a little goes a very long way. The colour when in powder form may look different from actual colour.
  • CI 42090