Gold Flakes Shimmer New

Gold Flakes Shimmer New

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Gold Flakes Shimmer is brilliant, shiny, and oh so pretty. It is a large particle gold synthetic mica that will add an amazing shimmer, sparkle, layered, lava look to the bath water, or add shimmer and glitz to any bath product. 

If using in bath bombs re recommend using polysorbate 80 and be prepared to adjust your liquids. My first batch was crumbly when adding it normally to my bath bomb recipe.

For bath bombs we use 1 tsp per 1kg of baking soda. More or less can be used. Effects may vary it seems depending on light in bathroom. Our bathroom has a lot of light so shimmer is easily seen. 



Cosmetic grade - safe for use on face, lips, skin.

Size: 60 - 300um

Synthetic Fluorphlogopite,Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide,Tin Oxide